Samsung could manufacture Tensor G4 processor for Google

The South Korean conglomerate Samsung is known for helping Google with the development and fabrication of Tensor chips. The recent flagship series by Google, the Pixel 8, is powered by Tensor G3 chipsets. These chips are made on Samsung Foundry’s 5G modem. Previously, some rumors suggested that the tech giant Google might switch to TSMC regarding the production of its next-generation Tensor processors. However, some recent pieces of information suggest that isn’t true.

Samsung Foundry will manufacture Google Tensor G4 processor

Some reports from South Korea suggest that Samsung has gotten the contract for the fabrication of the Tensor G4 processor. The new chipset will power next year’s flagship Pixel 9 series and Pixel Fold 3. Reportedly, the SF4P will be used to fabricate the Tensor G4 processor. As compared to the second-generation 4nm process utilized in the Tensor G3 chip, the third-generation 4nm process offers improved performance and efficiency.

Samsung’s in-house Exynos 2200 is built on SF4E, the first-generation 4nm process. However, the company’s upcoming Exynos 2400 is also built on the SF4P process that is expected to be used in the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+. In contrast to Tensor G3, Tensor G4 will have a few improvements, including one Cortex-X4 CPU and several Cortex-A720 and Cortex-A520 CPU cores. The ARM’s Immortalis-G715 GPU might also be part of Tensor G4. Reportedly, Google wanted to place the deal with TSMC; however, it was abandoned due to low yield. This information is based on rumors, so we can’t say anything about its accuracy.

The upcoming Tensor G4 is codenamed ‘Zumo Pro’, whereas the Tensor G3 was codenamed ‘Zuma.’ Samsung is getting more and more clients for semiconductor chip processes. Some reports indicate that Qualcomm could select Samsung Foundry for manufacturing a few units of its Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chips. Just recently, the company acknowledged that it will begin manufacturing 3nm server chips for AD Technology. Due to the use of GAA (Gate All Around) transistor design technology, Samsung is leading TSMC in the 3nm process.

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