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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 catches fire in woman’s handbag

Samsung Galaxy Note had been a notorious device for incidents of catching fire, the most prominent was Galaxy Note 7 which was really a debacle for the company, however, Galaxy Note 8 has also reported a couple of fire incidents previously now it’s the time for the latest flagship Galaxy Note 9.

An incident in New York has been reported by New York Post, in which the early adopter of Galaxy Note 9 has filed a lawsuit against Samsung over alleged fire incident involving the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 9 device.

According to the report, Diane Chung an estate agent living in Long Island sought the help of her legal experts to file a lawsuit against Samsung over all-new Galaxy Note 9 which caught fire while sitting in her purse/handbag.

According to the details in lawsuit filed, the device she had in her hands suddenly became extremely hot in the elevator of Bayside building, when she noticed the rising temperature of the device, Chung dropped the device in her handbag, but soon after few seconds she heard whistling sound and smoke coming out of her handbag.

Chung said she then dropped the handbag on the floor and emptied it but the phone was still covered in fire and smoke until she reached lobby and a man helped her put the device in a bucket of water.

The incident caused no serious injuries but Ms. Chung said she received burnt due to the incident and some important contents of the purse were also damaged, she also said the company should be barred from selling more Galaxy Note 9 devices.

This was an individual case of its kind first ever for the Galaxy Note 9 and the Korean manufacturer said it will investigate the incident as early as possible.

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