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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Reportedly to Launch Earlier Than Expected

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 has been a lot in news and has made many headlines since a long time however it was unclear that when would the smartphone would be launched until now.

As per sources, on request of anonymity, has informed to Bloomberg that the much desired and awaited phone would eventually be releasing on the 9th of August along with an updated camera and an upgraded processor for some markets. The design of the phone to be launched would be same as to that of its forerunner—the Galaxy Note 8.

The upgraded camera might show that the phone would be getting the same dual-aperture as was noticed in the Samsung Galaxy S9’s release previously this year. The upgradation of the processor indicates at the new Qualcomm processor, probably the Snapdragon 845.

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Furthermore, Samsung users could also expect a Bixby 2.0 that would as per reports debut on the Galaxy Note 9. The gadget would be launched at the Samsung’s “unpacked” event that would be held in New York City. The phone, however, would be released by the end of August, informed the people aware of the matter.

As per the reports of The Verge, nothing is confirmed yet, and plans could still be varied around the announced date. A Samsung spokesperson when asked refused to comment about anything regarding the event.

Samsung Galaxy Note is a massively powerful phone that is superb for multi-taskers, it has got a mind-blowing screen and an improved dual camera experience.

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