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Uber Again in Trouble After Driver Shoots, Kills Passenger

Uber has already seen a lot of trouble and issues and now it seems it has landed itself in another controversy which has made things pretty bad for the ride-hailing service after one of its drivers shot and killed a passenger because of some argument probably.

As per the reports of NBC News affiliate KUSA-TV on Denver interstate, during the tiny hours of 1st June somewhere around 2:45 am, an Uber driver and a passenger got engaged in some heated argument which rose inside the car during the ride. The conflict got so heated up that it resulted in the driver shooting and killing the passenger.

The passenger was rushed to the hospital where he was then declared dead, as for the driver he was discharged from the hospital after he received some minor treatment.

The driver is a twenty-nine-year-old—Michael Hancock, who was later arrested by the police on Friday on suspicion of first-degree murder that caused the death of one man, as mentioned in the police press release. The identity of the victim is still not publicly known, according to CNN.

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The Denver Police Department spokesperson—Sonny Jackson said that the investigating team is of the belief that the driver and passenger got into some argument inside the vehicle. The argument rose high which led to the passenger getting shot multiple times by the driver and finally died. The car was a silver sedan of Nissan, deviated off the road and crashed on a wall on a highway slope.

According to Daily Mail, the investigators said that the driver called 911 to report the shooting. He also informed as per reports to a witness that he openly fired after his customer tried to attack him. Hancock, however, used his right of being silent in front of the investigators without a lawyer.

Reportedly the driver has been associated with Uber since past three years. An Uber representative told Business Insider that they think that the incident happened during the ride. And further added that they are deeply disturbed with the occurrences in Denver. He extended their concerns with the involved families and said that the driver’s access to the app has been removed and that they are closely working with the police.

Uber bars its passengers and drivers to carry any firearms or whatsoever into the vehicles while using the application. The app has recently introduced a panic button—a feature that permits users to call 911 immediately in case of an emergency.

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