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Samsung Would Soon Let Users Video Chat with Doctors

Samsung users would soon be getting a new feature which would permit them to video chat with relevant doctors for health-related issues without having the need to leave their homes.

As per the reports of Financial Times, Samsung users would soon be able to get an AI-powered medical consultation through the pre-installed technology given by the London-based health start-up—Babylon.

The users would be able to contact the doctors for consultation via video chat and could also look up for symptoms through the Samsung Health application.

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The feature, however, would come with a set price. All the Samsung users interested in buying the feature would have to pay an amount of sixty-seven dollars annually or an amount of thirty-three dollars for a single appoint to Samsung, which would share the benefits with Babylon along with paying a license fee for using their recent technology, as reported by The Verge.

The Samsung phones in the regions would come with the feature pre-installed. At the moment the new feature is just for the United Kingdom users only, but the report mentions that Samsung would soon be expanding it to the other customers worldwide, cited by Fortune.

The announcement regarding the eligible devices and the launch date of these phones with the latest technology has not yet been made.

Samsung’s recent smartphones are all provided with health-related technology apps. It is pleasing to see the firm actively exploring ways to control all the technology for offering significant real-life applications.

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