Samsung Galaxy S23 FE received its first software update

In the US, Samsung’s Galaxy S23 FE is receiving its first software update. The November 2023 security patch is the most recent one that the corporation is delivering to phones. The One UI 6.0 upgrade, which is based on Android 14, should soon be available for the new Fan Edition (FE) phone.

In the US, the Galaxy S23 FE starts its five-year upgrade trip

After the release of the Galaxy S21 FE in January of last year, Samsung released the Galaxy S23 FE, their most recent FE handset. A few outside areas saw the release of the new phone at the beginning of last month. It was delivered to the United States a few weeks ago. The US version of the phone is receiving its first update today, but the Korean company has already sent two updates to the device in a few other locations.

Samsung is pushing the November security patch to the Galaxy S23 FE domestically, even though the October patch was included in the most recent update for the phone in international markets. Carrier-locked versions with firmware build number S711USQS1AWK3 are starting to receive it (via SamMobile). In the upcoming weeks, devices in other areas should receive this month’s security patch.

As anticipated, there are no new features or enhancements in this release. Only the most recent security updates are being sent to the Galaxy S23 FE by Samsung. The Security Maintenance Release (SMR) for November addresses 65 vulnerabilities that affect the Galaxy family. Google has released nearly fifty Android OS patches, five of which are crucial. They also impact Android products made by other companies. The rest of the vulnerabilities are exclusive to Samsung hardware.

The Galaxy S23 FE will receive numerous updates over its lifetime; this is the first. The gadget is eligible for five years of security fixes, just like most current Samsung phones. Updates won’t stop coming until at least October 2028, though they might happen less regularly as it gets older. You should anticipate monthly security patches and occasional feature updates for the first two or three years.

The first feature update ought to arrive soon

Also available for the Galaxy S23 FE are four significant Android OS updates. It received updates until Android 17 and made its debut with Android 13. Before the year ends, Android 14, the first of those, is anticipated to be released. It will include Samsung’s exclusive One UI 6.0 software. This significant update is already available for the standard Galaxy S23 flagships from the Korean company. We will notify you when the FE model deployment gets underway.

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