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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Features: May Start Recognizing Faces

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There are lot of voice out there which speculate the coming features of Samsung Galaxy S8 plus, one of the long debated feature is facial recognition. Korean Newspaper has reported the expected feature of Facial recognition along with iris scanner (fingerprint sensor) to add up an extra security layer. By using this feature you will be able to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S8 phones without any password or fingerprint.

If you are happy with your Fingerprint sensor then keep on using it, you might have come across various occasions where your fingerprint sensor doesn’t work with ease such as; wearing gloves or phone sitting on the shelve with your hands covered in flour cooking your favorite food? Thanks to Samsung Galaxy’s facial recognition feature.

There are also very interesting leaks about Samsung Galaxy S8 in the previous weeks. You can see these Samsung Galaxy S8 plus Leaks which suggest it will have monster 6.2 inches display and much more.

According to an unnamed official report; Samsung face camera would be much faster and it would take less than 0.01 seconds to unlock the phone.

People who may not like this feature or do not wish to use it can also use iris scanner to unlock the phone, says the report. Iris scanning was featured in Galaxy Note 7 which was recalled and Samsung also planned to sell these refurbished phones in emerging markets, and Samsung could bring it back to life in the S8 plus. This method of unlocking uses the unique patterns in your eyes as identification.

S8 plus is expected to be announced by 29th of March and if it does include facial recognition, it could set the example for other phone manufacturers — especially if Apple does it too. The Apple iPhone 8 is expected to be released on Apple’s anniversary.

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via: Cnet , image: mashable

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