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Samsung Galaxy S9 Specifications Leaked

Samsung Galaxy S9 has been rumored to see an early dispatch probably in December the production is expected to start and the New Year launch, also we have come across various design and specifications rumors. But the fact is rumors are not always and entirely rumors they have something real in them. The earlier Samsung Galaxy S9 leaks suggested that it would be a powerful midrange phone, however; there were no specific details about the phone, but this time you can have even more details about it. Slashleaks has uploaded an image in the foreign language which reveals almost every nitty-gritty of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Specifications (Leaked)


The new Samsung Galaxy S9 would be equipped with 5.77-inches display, according to Android news it would be the first Samsung Galaxy phone which would feature AMOLED screen technology dubbed “Sunflower”. Supposedly, the phone would have infinity display as well according to earlier leaks.


Qualcomm’s next-generation chip is going to power Galaxy S9, the Snapdragon 845 would supercharge the newcomer and it will have all the connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, GPS etc.


Earlier leaks suggested that Samsung is planning to place the fingerprint sensor under the screen but also decided not to leave it below the camera setting, so it is expected to be dual scanner if the rumors are correct.


It is not confirmed by Samsung about the production and dispatch, However, rumors suggest the phone will start production in December and launch in early 2018.

The infinity display in the previous Samsung Galaxy S8 is setting new trends in the smartphone market, what this new Galaxy S9 is bringing to the table only time will tell. The leaked image only tells us the story we have already covered.

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