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Samsung Introduces New 50MP Camera Sensor For Smartphones

Samsung Camera Sensor

Electronics giant Samsung has introduced a new high-resolution camera sensor for smartphones that is supposed to combine the advantages of TetraCell and dual-pixel technologies. At the same time, the new CMOS chip has very large sensor pixels.

The Samsung ISOCELL GN1 camera sensor offers a resolution of 50 megapixels. It has a sensor pixel size of 1.2 micrometers, which is extremely large for such a high-resolution sensor. For example, the frequently installed 48-megapixel sensors normally use a pixel edge length of 0.8 micrometers. Due to the significantly larger sensor pixels, the GN1 captures considerably more light.

At Samsung, TetraCell basically means what is called pixel binning elsewhere. The image information from four sensor pixels is combined to form one pixel of the finished photo so that in normal operation the photos have a resolution of 12.5 megapixels. Optionally, the sensor can of course also take pictures with its full resolution.

Samsung also integrates dual-pixel autofocus in its new Isocell sensor GN1, so that devices equipped with it can focus very reliably within a very short time. Similar technology has also been offered in stand-alone digital cameras for some years and enables faster shots, among other things, by faster focusing. The manufacturer promises that the image quality of the GN1 sensor due to the large sensor pixels and the optimized separation between the pixels and the resulting lower stray light can offer a level similar to that of a 100-megapixel camera sensor.

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The physical resolution of the Isocell GN1 is 8160×6144 pixels. Samsung advertises, among other things, with real-time HDR recordings, particularly low ISO values ​​for optimal pictures in extremely high light and very high ISO values ​​for situations with very little light. When the first devices with the new 50-megapixel sensor come onto the market is still unclear. The equipment suggests that the sensor could be used in smartphones such as the Galaxy Note 20, among other things.

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