Samsung is on target to deliver 10 million foldable in 2023

The South Korean conglomerate Samsung is all set to achieve something big in the smartphone market. Reportedly, the company is going to hit the target of shipping 10 million foldable units in a single fiscal year. Well, this is quite impressive given the fact that foldables have not yet performed the way they ought to.

Samsung had hoped that sales of foldables would surpass those of the Galaxy Note series, but that hasn’t happened yet. However, this is a positive development. Analysts anticipated Samsung would place an order for enough parts to produce 12–13 million Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Fold 5 devices. Samsung appears to be short by approximately a million. However, that is still a lot more than the 10 million mark.

Given the sales statistics, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 accounts for 60–65% of foldable sales, whereas the Galaxy Z Fold 5 sales account for 30–35% of total foldable sales. It means that 5–10% is contributed by the previous foldables.

In an effort to capitalize on the market, Samsung could debut the Galaxy S24 series early

With each passing year, Samsung tries to launch the Galaxy Series earlier. The same could be the case with the Galaxy S24 series. Some reports suggest that Samsung could debut the Galaxy S24 series in January. Well, this information aligns with the rumors that suggest that mass production of the upcoming Galaxy S24 series could begin as early as October.

In the past, Samsung used to send invitations for Unpacked during CES, with the original event happening at some point in January or early February. The company then releases the products for sale after a week or two. For next year, the company could organize the event right after CES and begin sales earlier than before.

Well, the next year will begin after the next three months, so there is plenty of time, which indicates that we will come across several rumors and leaks during this time.

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