Samsung could introduce several new productivity features to its future laptops and tablets

Samsung Galaxy Book Go - Release in the US

Over the past few years, Samsung has been focusing on laptops. Recently, some reports suggested that the company is all set to improve the efficiency of its laptops and tablets. Notably, the company is going to introduce several new hardware and productivity features to the above-mentioned products.

Samsung intends to add new productivity features to Galaxy Books and Galaxy Tabs

According to the information shared by Revegnus, the company held discussions with some university students regarding the under-development features for upcoming laptops and tablets. Reportedly, the company intends to improve the document-sharing feature with third-party devices like tablets, laptops, and digital whiteboards.

For the Galaxy Tab, the company wishes to improve the latency of the S Pen. Furthermore, Samsung intends to offer free accessories with the S Pen so that users can benefit from them for a long time. The position of the Action Button on the S Pen could be modified. In an effort to improve the experience, the screen will be coated with anti-reflective material. In addition to these, the company intends to enhance the quality of loudspeakers, microphones, and cameras on its laptops and tablets.

Going forward, the company is planning to introduce some new features to the default Samsung Notes app. The app might be equipped with the highlighter feature found in the GoodNotes app. To improve the productivity of Samsung laptops and tablets, the company might partner with Naver Papago, Google Translate, and Clova.

Samsung will introduce new accessories for laptops and tablets

According to the report, Samsung has worked on several new accessories for laptops and tablets, but they won’t be released for some unknown reasons. One of the accessories is a Book Cover. It is closed on all four sides and comes with a case for the S Pen. Even if Samsung incorporates some of these functionalities in the Galaxy Book 4 and Galaxy Tab S10, the ecosystem of the company would be strengthened.

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