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Samsung lagacy continues: launches a new Bora Purple color for the Samsung Galaxy S22

Samsung is about to launch a version of the Galaxy S22 in its already traditional purple color, this time brighter and more striking with a new name: ‘Bora Purple’.

We confirmed a few weeks ago that the Galaxy S22 was losing its value up to 3 times faster than the iPhone 13, and perhaps that is why the South Korean giant wanted to encourage sales of its basic flagship model with a new hue which is already a tradition at Samsung.

In fact, it is that this Color Bora Purple that reaches the Galaxy S22 is reminiscent of the violet tones of previous Samsung devices, and also of the star color that has already been anticipated from the Galaxy Z Flip4, and that it would be a light violet very similar to this Bora Purple.

This is what the back of the Galaxy S22 looks like in its new ‘Bora Purple’ hue. SamMobile yet we do not know in which markets it will be available nor if it will reach everyone where the Galaxy S22 is sold, but from Samsung, the landing of this version has already been made official, although limited to the original Galaxy S22 model, for now, no news of plus or ultra.

Samsung returns to purple with a Galaxy S22 ‘Bora Purple’ that will be launched on August 10, and that anticipates a complete line of Samsung terminals in this hue, already confirmed by its marketing vice president.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 loses its value up to three times faster than an iPhone 13As we said, Samsung has a good history of purple or violet phones and it is that these shades with almost tradition in a catalog that has seen the arrival of the Galaxy S8 in Orchid Grey, the Galaxy S9 in Lilac Purple or the Galaxy Z Flip3 in Lavender, so the Bora Purple arrives for continue to offer eye-catching and attractive options to Samsung fans.

In this case, we are talking about a slightly different shade of purple, with a bright and eye-catching color that doesn’t pull so much on the pastel anymore like the previous ones, keeping the matte back finish to avoid fingerprints.

Samsung says that is meant to spark joy and creativity, “representing optimism and a sense of calm”, at least in the words of Sonia Chang who is the vice president of Global Brand Marketing at Samsung and who was in charge of signing the presentation note. This press release, moreover, added to Samsung that the purple color personifies what the company represents”embracing individuality, overcoming limits and innovating relentlessly under a philosophy of openness”.

Far from these fine words, we can also confirm that this Bora Purple is coming to more phones after the Galaxy S22 launches next August 10 a date that coincides with the Unpacked and that obviously leaves us practically confirmed since that promised light violet of the Z Flip 4 will actually be this Bora Purple… Shall we make bets? These are the new Samsung colors for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4.