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Samsung might extend its Samsung TV Plus services to other TV brands

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Samsung TV Plus is an amazing feature introduced by the South Korean tech firm. It is actually a video streaming service that presents users with various live video channels. The most interesting thing about Samsung TV Plus is that it is a free and ad-supported video streaming service. It is provided in conjunction with Samsung TVs. Some recent reports point out that soon the amazing service by Samsung will be extended to non-Samsung TV products.

This information is based on the news from LowPass [the newsletter] by Janko Roettgers. Some time ago, the tech company rolled out the idea that it will enable the streaming of individual Samsung TV Plus channels to other TV companies. This idea didn’t get that much attention. That is why it was dropped by the company. Now, the company has come up with another amazing offer that includes the streaming of a complete video streaming service on non-Samsung TVs. Recently, Samsung and TCL are exchanging their views about this thought.

Reportedly, Samsung initiated the video streaming service back in 2015. It is termed as a free and ad-supported streaming (FAST) service. It has the capacity to enable users to flip through channels similar to live TV channels. The most interesting thing about this service is that it neither requires a subscription nor it requires a sign-up activity. It is presented with around 1,600 channels. The service is offered across 24 countries. Although the service is free there is no compromise on speed and content offerings. It offers Top Gear, Paramount Movie Channel, Law & Order Special Victims Unit, The Walking Dead, and Vevo.

Besides these, the tech firm has introduced its own channels too. It has introduced Ride or Drive and The Movie Hub. The company has mentioned that the streaming service is growing at a rapid pace. It witnessed a growth of $4 billion in revenue. It is anticipated that it will touch the figure of $9 billion by 2026. Moreover, the service observed a 100% growth in viewing as per the last year.

However, do note that other TV brands like LG, TCL, and Vizio offer their unique FAST services. So, we don’t know whether the service will be effective outside Samsung’s horizon or not.

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