Samsung might introduce a Chromebook plus laptop

The South Korean conglomerate Samsung has a pretty nice series of Galaxy Chromebooks. In fact, the company is considered among the first brands to begin manufacturing Chrome OS laptops. Just a few days ago, we learned about Google’s Chromebook Plus program. Surprisingly, there was no mention of Samsung in this regard. As of now, some recent pieces of information suggest that Samsung might be working on a Chromebook Plus laptop.

The information was sourced from folks at ChromeUnboxed. They find a code that points out that the company had a device named ‘Pirrha’ in the works. Reportedly, this device has a variant under the name Nissa. Such evidence indicates that Samsung is working on the development of a Chromebook Plus laptop. According to reports, the device will be powered by the same processor that powers the Lenovo Chromebook Slim 3i (12th-gen Intel Core i3-N305). There is a slight possibility that it might feature the Core i3-N100 or Core i3-N200. There are more chances that the company will opt for a high-end processor.

Some information about Chromebook Plus laptops

The Chromebook Plus program from Google certifies high-end computers running Chrome OS with comparatively greater specifications. According to Google, they must feature 8GB RAM (or more), 128GB storage (or more), a Full HD 1080p webcam (or better), a 12th Gen Intel Core i3 or AMD Ryzen 3 7000 series (or better) processor, and a screen with Full HD resolution.

Reportedly, Google will provide ten years of software updates to laptops that get the Chromebook Plus badging. Besides this, Samsung is using most of the above-mentioned features in its current Galaxy Chromebooks laptops. In the meantime, if the company adds an S Pen, an OLED screen, and some added elements to the software, then it will be great. It is anticipated that Samsung will debut its Galaxy Chromebook Plus within the next few weeks.

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