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Samsung Might Launch A New Health Measurement Gadget

In competition with the Apple watch, Samsung likely to be working on a gadget that could take better health measurements than its rivals, as indicated out by the company in its latest patent.

Samsung in the year 2016, filed for a patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) mentioning that the firm would be using lasers for measuring the heart rate, blood pressure and other health related signs. However, there was no further news about it afterwards.

After two years, the firm has filed a new trademark filing “Samsung Speckle” in Europe proposing that it might continue working on the “laser speckle interferometric system” as explained previously, as per the reports of Business Insider.

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The trademark filing has not unveiled much details, the gadget however could be useful in many applications, as indicated in the trademark. The services and goods where the device might prove advantageous includes the computers of nearly all types (including the portable computers, tablets, convertible PCs, monitors), leather computer case, computer peripherals (which includes the data storage devices, keyboards, mouse, headsets, wireless speakers), protective covers, VR apparatus and such.

Additionally, where the Apple’s current watch makes use of LED lights for measuring the heart rate, if the new gadget of Samsung which is sensor equipped become reality would be a challenge for Apple.

Moreover, it is rumoured that Samsung is to launch its new smartphone named “Samsung Galaxy Watch”, as per the reports of Android Central.

According to Business Insider, Samsung has not responded to a request sent for providing details.

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