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Samsung Pay no longer works on other Android Phones

Unlike Apple Pay, Samsung Pay makes no distinction and it is quite possible to use the application on a non-Samsung smartphone, provided you have a smartwatch from the manufacturer. Only and according to many users, this is no longer the case.

While Apple Pay strongly requires you to have an iPhone to use it, Samsung has been a bit more tolerant with Samsung Pay. Better to have a branded smartphone to take advantage of this. However, it is possible to the payment app with a non-Samsung device, provided you own a Samsung-connected watch. If you have a Galaxy Watch 4, Watch 3, Watch Active 2, or even a Gear Sport, you can access Samsung Pay. Finally it was time. Indeed, many users claim on Reddit and on the manufacturer’s forums that it has become Unable to launch Samsung Pay on a non-Samsung smartphone.

As they explain, an error message has been popping up for a few days now telling them that their Samsung ID is invalid “When I enter my email address into the Samsung Pay plugin via Galaxy Watch, it says the ID is invalid. I’ve been having this problem for two days, I don’t know what to do. Does anyone know what to do? the hand?” said one user on Reddit.

Samsung Pay no longer works on other Android phones

“Hello, does anyone know why when I want to use Samsung Pay app my ID is not valid but when I log into my Samsung account everything is fine?” explains another hurt user on the forums of the manufacturer. Unfortunately, it is impossible to know whether this is a bug or a policy change by Samsung.

Some users claim that the manufacturer’s customer service has made a ticket on the subject, while other brand representatives clarified that non-Samsung phones will no longer work with Samsung Pay. If this is indeed the case, it is surprising that Samsung has not announced the thing in proper and proper form. According to the statements of many affected users, Samsung Pay has been working perfectly until then, and these issues occurred after they switched phones and tried to set up Samsung Pay on their new device.