Samsung Registers A Watch Patent With Solar Cells

Solar charging watch

Having just recently launched two new smartwatch models, Samsung appears to be already working on new wearables . A Galaxy Watch that can be charged via its own solar panel could appear in the coming year .

This is indicated by a patent discovered by Letsgodigital. The application submitted by Samsung describes a smartwatch with a wristband with integrated solar cells. The panels are placed on both sides of the clock so that the sun does not have to shine from a certain direction. The bracelet has nanomaterials that transmit light to the solar cells. Several levels are intended to ensure that light with different wavelengths is captured and thus the efficiency is further increased.

Charges Automatically Outdoors

If the user is outdoors, the Galaxy Watch could be fully charged in a few hours with the help of the solar bracelet. Of course, this assumes that the sun is shining and that the panels are not covered. Of course, the wearer still has the option of supplying the wearable with power via the normal power supply unit or a wireless charging station. Although charging via cable or station should be significantly faster, the smartwatch cannot be used during this time.

It is still unclear whether and when the patented technology will be used in a final product. The patent was filed in mid-2019 and has only now been published. It is conceivable that Samsung will announce a smartwatch with an integrated solar panel next year. The technology could be integrated into an existing product line.