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Samsung to start ‘retailers training program in Pakistan’ to build better B2C relations

The South Korean tech-savvy company Samsung recently rolled out the news to fully train its partners in Pakistan to handle the toughest moments at work. With this Retailers Training Program in Pakistan, both the retail owners and the workers would be provided deep skills and knowledge, making the brand’s retail service even much better.

Samsung has always been adaptive in serving its customers. The brand is always looking for ways to bring more excitement to their partners when dealing customers. And this decision was made to provide additionally efficient and effective services to walk-in and existing customers.

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Sharing the news, J. H. Lee President Samsung, Pakistan said:

Training of our retail network and enhancing the skills of our front-line personnel is a perpetual exercise at Samsung.

We aim to maintain our market-leadership, as the new training programme will further enhance our distribution capabilities, product availability and outreach.

Samsung continues to add more convenience for the consumers, to further elevate the brand-image and consumer-perception of the brand

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With Samsung’s new Retailers Training Program in Pakistan, the company hopes to bring in more business and develop a strong understanding of how and what the people want from the brand to launch next.

This move by the South Korean company would also do more than business. When retailers are trained, they would be expected to provide a better service. And with a better impact on others, a chain of trust and awareness would spread among the people of Pakistan, making the country better.

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