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In 2023, Samsung will compete against at least nine other manufacturers of foldable phones

Xiaomi Foldable Flip Phone

In contrast to the previous year, the foldable smartphone market is expected to grow in 2023. Some industry analyst claim that foldable panels and shipments will increase rapidly in 2023. The foldable segment is gaining popularity in the smartphone market. Various companies are working on introducing their foldable smartphones. we have clearly witnessed several examples during MWC 2023 event.

As per Digital Supply Chain, in 2022, seven different companies have debuted 19 different foldable smartphones in the market. DSCC assumes that this year, 10 different companies will launch at least 37 foldable smartphones in the market. Going by these assumptions, 16 devices could feature a clamshell phone factor. While almost 20 devices are expected to feature book-type designs. Where Galaxy Z Flip series is provided with a book-type design. It is the leading smartphone series in the market. It looks like more companies are eager to grab the market share in the book-like foldable market.

Foldable phone shipments are expected to reach almost 20 million in 2023

According to the estimates by @DSCCRoss, overall 19 million foldable smartphones will be shipped by all companies in 2023. They speculate that the foldable panel shipments will grow by more than  22 million. Given this figure, it is estimated that roughly 20 million foldable phones will be manufactured in 2023. A previous report indicates that the South Korean tech giant shipped 12 million foldable smartphones in 2022. It was the top leader in this particular segment. Besides this, the company intends to increase shipments to almost 15 million in 2023.

Samsung Display exhibited several form factors for foldable devices at MWC 2023. Most of the displayed form factors are mere prototypes. It is assumed that the company will debut the galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z fold 5 in Q3 2023.

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