Samsung S8, S8 Plus and Note 8 Users Encountered Another Battery Issue

Samsung’s recently introduced lot of phones including the Galaxy S8, S8 Plus and the Note 8, are reported to be facing battery-related problems. As per the new reports, the said smartphones are facing one other abnormal battery issue.

A few days back there was news about Samsung Galaxy’s newly launched phones owners claiming that when the phone’s battery reaches to zero percent it shuts down and do not start again no matter for how long it is kept on charge.

They further complained that their phones have stopped charging altogether once the battery is drained to zero percent.

The new problem as per people reports is that the phone starts to wake up to its own meaning that even without any active user interaction and the screen is turned off it wakes up involuntarily. Many users also posted videos showing the abnormal behaviour of the phone.

As per the reports on Samsung’s community forum and Reddit, the issue arises only if the phone screen is turned off by pressing the power button or by allowing the phone to get shut on its own. The screen then turns active after every ten seconds and then turns off.

The users complained that such behaviour of the phone continues for the entire day and leads to battery drainage. The same users reported that they tried solving the issue on their own by resetting their phones, rebooting them in safe mode and clearing out the cache partition for dissolving the problem, however, the issue sustained.

As per Android Authority, Samsung has not yet provided any statement relating the bug.

It seems the smartphone companies are a lot in limelight because of the problems relating their newly introduced phones earlier it was Apple very much in talks for its recently launched iPhone X and then the matter of slowing down batteries of older iPhone models and now Samsung has gained attention.

Point to ponder is people spend a lot of money for purchasing these fancy phones but what is the use if just a few days after purchase the phone starts giving such issues.

Smartphone manufacturing companies need to address these issues seriously and they should take steps to avoid such problems in future at customer end completely.

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