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Samsung skips Exynos SoCs in 2023

Samsung would have made the decision to ignore the Exynos chips on the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S24. In response to criticism, the band would not release a new chip for the next two years. Samsung would rather take the time to develop an all-new Exynos chipset for 2025.

Samsung usually equips all Galaxy S sold in the United States with a Snapdragon SoC supplied by Qualcomm. On the other hand, phones marketed in Europe and Asia are quite powered by Exynos chips Developed directly by the brand’s teams. In recent years, many users have complained about performance differences between Exynos chips between Qualcomm solutions, especially with regard to power consumption. Faced with criticism, Samsung is said to have made the decision to skip Exynos SoCs for two generations According to the renowned South Korean blog Naver, Samsung will not equip the Galaxy S23 with processors designed by it.

Samsung would be preparing an all-new Exynos chip for the 2025 Galaxy

Expected to hit the market in early 2023, the Galaxy S23 should be based only on Snapdragon chips from Qualcomm. Same story for the Galaxy S24, the release of which is not expected before the first months of 2024. A recent report from Business Korea, a South Korean media outlet, agrees. The report assures that Samsung’s Exynos division will be forced to: acting urgently under pressure from leaders “It was a decision by senior management, bold and risky, for a long-term vision,” said a Samsung official. Aware of the flaws in its chips, the Seoul giant is said to be preparing the strong comeback of its Exynos processors for 2025, on the hypothetical Galaxy S25.

The company is said to have decided to take the time to correct the situation. According to the Naver blog, Samsung will launch a workgroup of 1,000 people in July 2022. This working group will be responsible for defining the contours of this future Exynos chip, presented as a flagship element of the brand’s ecosystem. Samsung is not lacking in ambition with this future chipset. According to the leaks, the smartphone leader hopes to be able to compete with Apple, which has relied for years on its own chips, the Soc A Bionic, to power its iPhones. Contacted by Android Authority, Samsung denies making any decision regarding Exynos chips. “While we are in continuous discussions with customers to develop competing mobile processors, no specific decision has been made,” the group says.

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