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Samsung UFS 4.0 Flash Storage Coming To Speed Up Next Gen Phones

Something to be excited about the new development: Samsung has pulled off the covers of the next generation of Universal Flash Storage: UFS 4.0. The most recent JEDEC standard specification includes a number of improvements over UFS 3.1 which include two times the speed, enhanced power efficiency, and smaller size.

Samsung claims that UFS 4.0 can deliver speeds that can reach 23.2Gbps for each lane more than doubling the speed of the existing UFS 3.1 standard. The 7th generation V-NAND technology can enable sequential read speeds up to 4,200 MB/s, and sequential write speeds up to 2800MB/s. To give you an example, UFS 3.1 tops out at 2,100 MB/s for sequential reads and 1,200 MB/s for sequential writing.

Samsung states that the additional bandwidth that UFS 4.0 is ideal for smartphones running 5G that need huge quantities of data processing. It will likely be featured in future applications in the automotive industry, VR and AR.

There’s more than just speed which has improved over prior generations. The UFS 4.0 will also have greater performance over its predecessor. The speed of sequential reading is 6.0MB/s for milliampere (mA) represents an increase of 46% over UFS 3.1 which means that those who use smartphones and other devices should see better battery life.

Then, UFS 4.0 will come in a smaller size which measures 11mm x 13mm 1mm. For example, a size of 512GB. UFS 3.1 unit measures 11.5mm 13mm x 1.0mm–which makes for more efficient use of the precious smartphone’s internal space.

Production of mass quantities of UFS 4.0 which can be found in a range of capacities that can reach 1TB, is scheduled to start in the third quarter of the year, which means we could expect it to arrive by the end of 2022 or in early 2023. It is likely that the latest storage system will be available way too in the middle of Galaxy Z Fold/Flip 4 which is expected to launch in the summer of 2019, but it will likely be part of the Galaxy S23 series.

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