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Samsung Verifies That Generative AI Is Making Bixby Assistant Smarter

Samsung Bixby redesigned

Bixby, the virtual assistant by Samsung is used by very few people. However, the company appears to be working on updates for its virtual assistant. Reportedly, Samsung intends to incorporate generative AI into Bixby. Well, this is a nice addition since today’s chatbots are incomplete without AI. One such example of generative AI is Dall-E, which uses ChatGPT to produce images and other content.

Well, practically, in order to compete with other assistants, Samsung must upgrade its Bixby. With this new AI, you could ask your phone to create a poem or to explain a hilarious cat video, and Bixby would be able to respond. Although Bixby hasn’t been as capable as some other assistants, Samsung intends to rectify that.

The company wishes to integrate all Samsung devices ranging from smartphones to appliances with Bixby. From this perspective, it must be upgraded. In order for the Samsung ecosystem to truly take off, they must ensure that Bixby can compete with these other, more advanced AI chatbots.

Samsung clearly loves Bixby, as evidenced by the fact that it has already given its assistant extra keys on its smartphones. Furthermore, Bixby being Samsung’s only assistant will encourage healthy competition between Siri and Google Assistant, the other two industry titans in smartphone assistants. According to the company, “has to work out an interface that supports the Samsung products in their ecosystem.”

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