Samsung will introduce new sensors for the modern AR/VR headsets

Just a few days back, Apple introduced its VR headset named Vision Pro. The new product by Apple has given a fresh breath to the AR/VR segment. We can anticipate more AR/VR devices in the near future. In this perspective, Samsung has come forward with an announcement of new sensors for the devices.

Samsung might reveal the new 3D ToF sensors at VLSI Symposium 2023

As per the information provided by tipster @Tech_Reve, the South Korean tech giant might reveal the new 3D ToF sensors at the VLSI Symposium 2023 event this week. As per the information, one of the sensors features an on-chip ISP (Image Signal Processor). It includes a 2-stack process technology. Furthermore, the sensor has a 65nm BSI (Back Side Illumination) layer and a 28nm CMOS area. Some rumors suggest that the 3D ToF sensor has the capacity to determine distances of up to 5 meters at a frame rate of 60fps.

Well, it is a low-power chip. It consumes 188mW power. If this information is correct, then it has the possibility to be utilized in modern AR/VR headsets. The headset can use several such sensors to measure nearby areas, objects, and hand gestures and thus control AR/VR headsets.

It is anticipated that the System LSI division of Samsung Electronics will develop these sensors. It already deals with APs (Application Processors) for mobile devices. On the other hand, it is also concerned with the manufacturing of 5G cellular modems, and ISOCELL camera sensors for smartphones and smart cars. Well, this remains unclear whether Samsung utilizes the 3D ToF sensor in its own XR headset or not.

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