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Samsung Working on TVs That Could be Operated with Mind


In the quest of trying something, new Samsung is now working on TVs that could be operated with the mind.

Samsung is not just known for its phones, but also for other electronic goods particularly its TVs which are actually really good having high-end home theatre systems.

In collaboration with the Swiss scientists, Samsung launched its project—”Project Pontis” that would be providing the first smart TV that could be controlled by the mind.

According to CNET, the objective is to make a brain-software interface that would allow individuals having any kind of locomotive disabilities to control the television set features like changing channels and controlling volume with their brains rather than using their bodies to do so.

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Presently, the system merges the brain monitoring sensors and the eye-tracking hardware for recognizing the choices the individual plans to make. In future, the team plans to make the system smart enough to take commands via the brain commands for the users who cannot control their eyes or muscles unfailingly. This means that the individuals would just to need to think about changing the volume and without any physical activity, the action would be done.

Moreover, the technology is particularly targeted for the people who have got some disabilities. Samsung has not given any hints so far if this product would be made commercially available or not.

According to BGR, as for now, the product is in the initial stages and the technology giant would probably be launching a prototype next year.

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