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Samsung’s ‘Galaxy S23 Ultra Limited Edition’ bundle is now available

A limited edition of the Galaxy S23 is introduced by the company, which contains the Samsung Galaxy S23 along with some other products from the company.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra limited-edition bundle is now officially available

So, what did we really get in that bundle?

The bundle contains the Galaxy S23 Ultra along with the Galaxy Watch 5 and a 15W super-fast wireless charger duo. This bundle is a great deal if you want to switch your gaming to Samsung products.

Although there are no color variations being offered here. This combo presents the Galaxy S23 Ultra in phantom black, with the Galaxy watch being sapphire blue and the Duo charger being black. However, the Galaxy Watch 5 in this duo doesn’t provide support for LTE.

Although there’s a great price for this bundle, It’s being offered for VND 31,990,000 ($1,363), which is a fair deal because if you buy these products separately, you must pay VND 41,130,000 ($1,753).

It’s available in one specific market only

This offer will be valid until May 31 and will be available in Vietnam through Shopee, which is officially Samsung’s retail partner. Although we are not sure if it will be available on other markets,

As fair as it is, we hope the company will make it available to other markets as well. Although the company didn’t make any official statement regarding this,

It goes without saying that Samsung’s latest flagship phone is the Galaxy S23 Ultra. It and its two siblings were introduced earlier this year. Feel free to read our complete evaluation if you’d like additional information. Even though the item is incredibly expensive, it is undoubtedly stunning. However, you can save a lot of money with this method, so it would be convenient to have that choice in other markets.

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