Satya Nadella testifies to Google vs. DoJ antitrust trial

On October 2, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella gave a testimony in the ongoing antitrust case between Google and the DOJ. As Nadella testified, “It’s really Google’s web, and everyone is merely engaged in it.”

It is a known fact that Microsoft is listed as one of the most valued companies in the world. However, given the competition in the search business, it is quite difficult for Microsoft to combat Google. The above-mentioned words refer to this difficulty. The trail between Google and DoJ basically stems from the allegation that Google illicitly conducts a monopoly in the search market. The company uses different approaches to dormant its competitors and eventually move them out of the space.

DOJ litigator Kenneth Dintzer stated in the previous trial that Google utilizes several approaches to stay in the top position. The company pays businesses like Apple to keep Google as the default search engine on their devices. Furthermore, the company has advised the employees not to use certain words that represent the company’s monopolist behavior.

Bing must overcome many challenges to surpass Google in market share

The CEO of Microsoft responded to the questions asked about Google’s dominance. However, his statement kind of confirms the allegations made by the DoJ that Google makes it extremely difficult for other companies to enter the search business given the company’s exclusive deals.

By gaining these arrangements, Google increases the number of users who use search, which increases the amount of data obtained. It generates more money for Google to invest in other deals. The so-called “flywheel effect” makes it difficult for rivals to get any attention. Nadella stated that his company tried approaching Apple to replace Google Search with Bing however, there was no final agreement or deal regarding this. But on the other hand, Nadella mentions that this deal could cost them billions in losses.

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