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Search filters for Google Play Store are rolling out to more users

The search feature of the Google Play Store for the Android devices is ridicules, especially when you consider that it has been developed by the same company that has successfully indexed most of the web and made it easy for the internet users to find any page or image or video. The new search filters added by the company in the Google Play Store hope to fix that issue at least a little.

According to the details, Google, a few years ago, started testing the search filters in the Android’s Play Store, but those filters didn’t show up consistently and never rolled out for everyone using the Android device.

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Those search filters were later disappeared and the users were left wondering whether they’d ever been able to use them until last May when they re-appeared in a new look.

Now those search filters for the Google Play Store seem to be released widely: many of the Android users have spotted them in the Play Store on various devices and in different countries around the world. The filters seem to have been enabled server-side, as we can see them on slightly older versions of the Play Store too, including v21.0.17, which goes back to July 15.

Currently, the search filters are not super consistent. Sometimes, the users will see a single 4.5+ start filter, nothing else. Other times, you’ll find both 4+ and 4.5+ star filters, plus ones for Premium or New applications.

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