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Should You Start a Career in Payroll?

There is much uncertainty in the world about job security, the economy, and the future. With all the “what ifs” floating around, it can be hard to make sense of it all. This even affects the way we view the job market. For this reason, people of working age are seeking jobs with stability, purpose, and a decent salary.

One step to planning your future is considering what careers are suitable. Maybe you even want to change careers in order to gain a better salary and more enjoyment. One such job that fits the bill is a payroll administrator. This is one career you might not have heard of, but should definitely be on your radar.

Do you enjoy working with data and numbers? Are you an organized person? If so, a career in payroll administration could be perfect for you. Read on to learn more about this career and why you should consider it.

In-Demand Career Path

Businesses of all kinds need to pay their employees accurately and on time. For this reason, there is a constant need for payroll administration workers. This job sector will continue to experience growth in the next ten years. You will find tons of job opportunities and a low unemployment rate for payroll administrators.

Besides many job opportunities, this career also offers a good salary. In fact, salaries for payroll specialists have increased by 11% in the past five years. Salary can range from $42,000 to $67,000. As a payroll manager, your salary can average in the six-figures and above range.

It is easy to see why businesses respect these workers – they are vital to the payroll process. It is an important career that requires integrity, precision, and numeracy skills. Payroll professionals are in charge of calculating payable hours, commissions, bonuses, and more.

Further, as businesses progress into the future, they become more digitalized. Payroll administrators make use of accounting software, usually Sage 50, to manage data. As with almost all careers today, payroll administration requires a strong understanding of Microsoft Office software.

Employees in the company may also come to you with any questions regarding payroll. So, learning to communicate with other employees and departments can be an important part of the role.

Another benefit to a payroll administration career is that you can take your skills to any company. From small startups to large corporations, each business requires professionals to handle the payroll.

So, you are interested in starting a payroll career. But how? Below we will discuss the steps to take to start on this career path.

No Degree Required

Nowadays, you can start a successful career in many fields without a bachelor’s degree. The same is true for payroll administrators. This is another reason to consider this career path. Whether you are just starting or wish to change careers, you don’t need to spend years doing it.

While you can apply for entry-level payroll positions with a high school diploma or GED, there are better ways to get started. It is best to learn the fundamentals of this career so you can succeed on the job. It will also make it easier for you to get hired.

A payroll administrator course can teach you the necessary skills for this job in less than 5 months. It will teach you about payroll compliance legislation, payroll fundamentals, and how to use Sage 50 premium accounting software. These are all required skills that you will use every day on the job.

Courses can even set you up to take certification exams later on, such as the Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP) exam. With certification on your resume, you stand out to employees even more. They can also help you grow your career in this field.

Once you have your foot in the door, experience and knowledge will help you grow to the next level. You can move from an entry-level employee to a payroll specialist to a payroll manager. This career offers much room for professional growth.

Change Your Future 

Your career plays a big part in the building of your future. So if you are taking the time to consider it carefully, then kudos to you. A payroll administrator job is an excellent career to consider. It offers many job openings, a high salary, and job security.

While going to college or university is the right choice for some, others do not have the time or money for this option. A payroll administration career is possible without obtaining a degree. Courses can teach students all they need to succeed in just 17 weeks. So if you are worried about your salary and your future, why not start a payroll administration career? You can instead enjoy a fulfilling career managing payroll for businesses!

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