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Signal let you hide the app with custom name and icon with latest update

Even if Signals isn’t doing the best business, it’s one of the best encrypted messaging apps available for Android. Its privacy-protecting features are what make it attractive to many users all around the world. As with upcoming features, developers are providing you with even more reasons to keep on using it. With the latest upgrade, you’re allowed to customize the app icon and replace its name on your device.

With the latest version 6.21.3 of the app, you’re allowed to use this feature. Head to settings > appearance > app icon. It will display a range of 12 icons. Out of these logos, seven are named “signals,” which are tweaked versions of the original icon. Those are simply modified copies of the original icon that have slight design changes and new color schemes. The real pleasure is in the other four choices, though.

These icons have related icons and are called News, Notes, Weather, and Waves. The Signal app will no longer appear as the Signal app on your phone’s home screen or app drawer if you choose any of these (via). The app will adopt your chosen name and avatar as its cover. Only you will be aware that it is your messaging service and not a news app, a note-taking app, or a weather app. That adds another level of secrecy even before you launch the application.

Despite the latest update, notifications still display the signal app icon and its name

Signal states that the app’s default icon and name will always be displayed in app alerts. Therefore, you cannot entirely conceal the app’s presence on your phone. However, this option does increase your privacy. If more of these alternative icons and names were added, it would be much better. We hope it does, so consumers can switch between them frequently without having to repeat themselves. Of course, modified Android ROMs and launchers already allow for the customization of app icons, but that’s a very different matter.

With Signal, you can select from 12 unique icons without exerting much effort or spending any money. The majority of other networks, including Telegram, a competitor of Signal, charge for that. Even then, the program doesn’t have a unique name or an icon that is unrelated to anything else. Bravo to Signal for its efforts, which are still funded by contributions and exclude investors or commercials. To get the most recent version of the app (v6.21.3) from the Google Play Store, click the icon below.

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