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Google to display more ads in Play Store

New Playstore design

Google might not have spotted just yet how much more the Play Store can contribute to its ad business than it’s currently doing. Google has been pushing more and more ads on the platform. The latest addition of ads on the platform will be happening under the “Suggested for You” section of apps.

While downloading a new app, you can see a row of suggested apps under the downloading tab. The apps that are displayed there now are ads related to the current app you are downloading. With the recent changes, only three apps are displayed on the screen, and you can view more by clicking on the “see more option. This list displays multiple Play Store apps along with their ratings. Similar rows of advertisements for “similar apps or games” and “related to this app” also appeared in this row.

However, several users have observed that recently, the “Suggested for You” area has significantly expanded. Google changed this in two significant ways. As per information via Android Police, First, the Play Store now displays two rows of advertising masquerading as recommendations, as opposed to only one row previously. Additionally, a banner is now included with the listings. So, you also see a bigger banner in addition to the app symbol, name, and rating. You can only see two items at once because the banner is so broad. However, two rows imply that Google is simultaneously displaying four ads on your screen. Ads are being placed on more screens in an aggressive campaign.

The Google Play Store is displaying more ads on the platform

For a company that’s earning more of its revenue through ads, it’s understandable for it to display more ads than usual. But in the case of Google, it’s getting too much. As the platform has started to display ads in unexpected places, including search suggestions.

Ads in search of suggestions started to display back in November, which were claimed to be an “organic discovery feature” by the company. These ads were there to recommend apps for users as they were about to search for any app. But the ads that were appearing under the tab didn’t seem to be paid; they were more about major updates, upcoming events, or any latest offers.

Although they have already replaced proactive recommendations with paid ads on the platform, Multiple ad displays were reported by different users. The platform is now more determined to display ads in every possible corner of the app. This change hasn’t been rolled out yet. Although there isn’t much time for Google to bring it to the platform,

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