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Signal to remove SMS service from its Andriod apps

Ten years ago, Signal was founded as two separate apps. The two apps targeted encryption services for applications dealing with voice-calling and text messaging. Additionally, the company then known as Whisper Systems also provided security services like tools for data encryption and firewall protection. During this time span, mobile data services were in the initial stages. At that time the company took on another venture by integrating the service of encrypted SMS into its messaging apps. But now the company has announced it to free its Android apps from SMS entirely.

The main motive of the company behind this step is the security and privacy of users. Though SMS messages are quite feasible and convenient, the underlying technology is quite outdated. Thus, making the service more vulnerable and unreliable. Additionally, the service is less adaptable since it uses wireless carriers thus generating data breach problems. Therefore, it has been decided by Signal to completely remove SMS service from its apps and continue providing quality service in accordance with its core principles.

Besides security issues, the company aims to cut down the messaging fees for users. Such issue has been reported from different regions around the world where users are charged high for using the message service. However, in the United States, text messaging via the app is free. Thus, eliminating SMS from Android apps will work to mitigate disputes in the future.

One of the various reasons for getting rid of SMS from Android apps is focused on consumer experience. For the messaging systems to work together, an interface is required that could accommodate both systems. Such cases can create complications for the users by limiting their understanding of which service to use for SMS or even extra billings via wireless carriers.

The company however aims to go for a smooth and easy shift thus limiting the challenges and focusing on core efforts to add new features.

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