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Silicon Frontline Technology will help Samsung improve its semiconductor chips

Reportedly, Samsung has collaborated with San Jose. Silicon Frontline Technology is a California-based software company. This collaboration refers to the improvement of semiconductor chips. It seems like the Korean company is pursuing its new American partner to help with the improvement in yield rates.

With 5nm solutions, Samsung is facing issues with semiconductor yield rates. Things got messed up when it moved to 4nm and 3nm chips. It was a time when the rate for 3nm solutions was just recorded at 20 percent. Thus, indicating that only 20 chips out of 100 matched the required quality standards. Concerning this, the South Korean firm has plunged into the global semiconductor industry.

Despite the obstacles, Samsung continued the production of 3nm solutions ahead of TSMC. As of now, Samsung is planning to rise again with a major emphasis on yield rate improvements. Silicon Frontline Technology has proficiency in semiconductor design as well as verification solutions. It seems like the American firm will assist the Korean company in the processes of chip manufacturing, together with the front-end process.

As per news from Korean media, Silicon Frontline Technology will provide Samsung with chip solution qualification evaluation as well as electrostatic discharge (ESD) prevention technology. ESD can be thought of as the prime reason for defects in semiconductor chips. Thus, producing low yield rates. The major cause of ESD could be friction between equipment and metal during manufacturing. Solutions for ESD will improve the yield rates. Since the manufacturing defects are minor.

This is not the first time that Samsung is working in close association with Silicon Frontline Technology. In the past, they applied tech in chip design and production processes. By having satisfactory results, the partnership is now expanding.

If this collaboration helps Samsung will regain its position in the semiconductor industry. Since many firms have switched to other manufacturers. Qualcomm switched to TSMC concerning the production of Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. Similarly, Nvidia has joined hands with the Taiwanese firm for manufacturing its latest RTX40 series GPUs. With these developments, Samsung for sure aims to regain its lost position. It is now to be seen how things will work out in the future.

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