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Sisense is developing messenger bots


Sisense is business analytics software. It encompasses the scope of data from its preparation phase to the visualization phase. It does not need any investments in tools or manpower. The app lets its users link multiple data sources and summarize them in a single dashboard view. It has integrated itself with Amazon Echo which gives users the opportunity to ask Alexa for some of the data.

The company now will try bot integration with messenger apps. The bot support will be for Slack, Skype, Facebook Messenger and Telegram. These apps already have users so deployment of bots would not be that hard. The APIs for these messaging apps will allow external system to access them. Sisense will be easily able to access these under the open platform approach-which conducts future collaboration. The bots will allow users to ask questions or make choices from simple lists. It would also be helpful in providing insight into the various contexts of the apps.

Sisense will integrate to hide software complexity

The software is aimed not to bring business intelligence or even workflow into the mode. It does this but the bot is really aimed to hide the complexity of the software itself. BI bots incorporate data insight into everyday work modes which helps in data visualization technology giving rise to self-service.

Bots use a more conversational style interaction. Integration of bot into these social media apps will increase the surface value of the software package directly to non-technical end users.

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This move will help in gaining data without the help of data experts which will give rise to wider access of information. Since, the business software analytic tool crunch big data it is interesting to note how it will deal with wide data available on Messengers. More importantly, this is the experimental step of knowing how it will encrypt data into everyday work environment effectively.

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