Skype could receive a major redesign with a future update

According to some recent pieces of information, the Skype Insider version will soon receive a major design upgrade. The new update aims to improve the various elements of the UI on the app. Overall, the new update will improve the usage and appeal of the app. Notably, changes will be introduced to the camera interface, audio UI, and messaging interface.

The new changes are currently in the beta testing stage. The new updates are only accessible to users of the Skype Insider app version. The changes will roll out to the regular Skype app in the coming weeks via an app update.

Some details about the coming Skype UI redesign

The design upgrade to the messaging interface now helps users better reply to messages. Audio messages get an active waveform, and the camera interface gets a media preview feature. The information suggests that the updates will be introduced to three major areas. Besides improving the app’s appeal, the new updates add a new function as well.

Let us begin with the changes in the messaging interface. With the future update, the messaging interface will showcase vertical lines that will separate things out. Users may now distinguish between the messages in their chats visually. In addition to other design improvements that will benefit the visually handicapped, this will facilitate responding to communications.

The new updates to audio messages will enable a waveform visual effect on audio messages. The waveform will move along the length of the audio message. It will be a nice depiction of the length of the audio message. Besides this, users will have the option to adjust the speed of the audio message.

Furthermore, users will be able to preview images before sending them. Additionally, Skype will make an effort to stop users from simultaneously sending up to ten pieces of media to other users. Once the update is released, users can disable this preview option from within the app if they don’t prefer it.

One thing to notice here is that the new update also brings some bug fixes and improvements. Moreover, some users will have early access to updates, while others will have to wait. Don’t forget to check the Google Play Store and App Store for app updates.

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