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Snapchat users can now share YouTube clips as stickers

The developers of the social media app Snapchat have provided a new update. YouTube videos can now be shared more easily with other users. Where previously the clips had to be shared as links, videos can now be embedded as stickers.

If you are on YouTube, you can now share the currently open video with Snapchat contacts using the share button. how The edge writes, the selected clip is instantly recognized, so the app creates a sticker. The sticker will then contain the video title, thumbnail, and name of the user who uploaded the clip. The sharing feature can be used through both the app and the browser version of YouTube.

Stickers are much more dynamic

Compared with normal links, stickers have the advantage that the size can be adjusted. It is also possible to rotate and move stickers to another location. Links are much more static in Snapchat and cannot be easily adjusted. It is of course still possible to include YouTube clips in links.

However, the option has the added drawback that the app cannot display the creator’s name. In either case, other users can access the linked content with just one click. The feature is available for both the Android version and the iOS app of Snapchat. The latest builds can be found in the Google play store respectively in Apple App Store Find. However, in most cases, depending on the configuration of the respective device, the update should already have been installed automatically.

Nicole Craig

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