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Some rumors suggest that Google might be secretly working on Pixel Tablet Pro

Several tipsters as well as Google have shared plenty of information related to the Pixel tablet. The leaked information indicated that the Pixel tablet won’t be equipped with GPS, modem, proximity sensors, and another modern tech. Well, it appears like Google is on the way to introducing all such high-end features for a Pixel Tablet “Pro.”

A few months ago we heard the news that Google might be working on Pixel Tablet Pro in secret. It was expected that such a device would be placed in a category where Samsung dominates. Presently, Samsung dominates in the premium Android tablet segment. Already Samsung has secured the top rank with its Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. It is going to introduce the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra in 2023. So, eventually, we will see a Google Pixel Tablet Pro competing against the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra. Well, this information is based on rumors.

Kuba Wojciechowski, the code hunter, spotted a new code that could refer to a possible indication of the Google Pixel Tablet Pro. The code was identified in the Google Camera Go app. Furthermore, a code reference for a device named “TangorPro” was unveiled by the code hunter. For the layman, the standard Pixel tablet is based on the codename “Tangor.” Here the suffix ‘Pro’ with the codename possibly hints towards the Pixel Tablet Pro.

As of now, it is uncertain whether a Pixel Tablet Pro will be introduced alongside the normal Pixel Tablet by the company or not. We are not sure whether the company is working on such a device, or if these are just rumors. The Pixel tablet is fueled by the first-gen Tensor chipset. It is expected to launch next year. It could be assumed that Google is preserving the Tensor G2 SoC for the Pixel Tablet Pro.

Whatever the situation may be, if the Pixel Tablet Pro is introduced, we are not certain whether it will be a tough competitor for Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra or not. But for sure we can expect more options for the users.

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