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Google Play receives a new feature for the Family payment method

For Android users to get the games and apps Google Play is the primary place. It shows surplus free as well as premium apps to select from. However, when it comes to kids having their own smartphone or tablet, they may wish to purchase the games available on Google Play Store. To address the issue of overspending and the purchase of inappropriate content, the Play Store has introduced a payment method that permits the family to payment requests.

The latest update will add the ‘Purchase Requests’ feature to the Google Play app. This will enable the family members to request the family manager for making a purchase at the Play Store. The family manager will decide whether to proceed with the payment request or not. This feature will function even if the payment method hasn’t been defined by the family manager. A one-off payment based on any of the saved payment options could be easily authorized.

In accordance with the official announcement, Google Play gift cards could also be used to complete the payment. Whenever a family member goes for a purchase on the Play Store, a request notification will be forwarded to the family manager. In addition to this, users could also utilize a call on the purchase request later by retrieving the approval request queue. The completed transactions will appear in the Order History section.

Kids won’t have access to the family manager’s payment method. However, they can access it followed by permission from the family manager. Presently, the feature will roll out in phases. Thus, it will require some time before arriving for all users. The current Google Play’s Purchase Request feature is making its way just when the holiday season is going to start. Users can get more information about setting up their family payment method and Purchase Requests on Google Play.