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Sonic 3 Third Movie To Come 2024, Pac-Man gets His First

For decades, feature film adaptations were considered box office and critic poison, but that has recently changed. Sega hero Sonic was partly responsible for this and the raging hedgehog gets a third cinema adventure. But that doesn’t mean the days of the Gaga movies are over. This refers to cinema films about subjects that make no sense at first sight or for the thirteenth time.

Think of a movie like Pixels. But even with the onset of action, the list of failures is long, game movies here have a long and sad tradition. But that has recently changed because comics like Sonic the Hedgehog and Pokemon: Detective Pikachu were not only successful but also managed to convince the critics to some extent. This also resulted in a sequel for the spiky Sega hero, and this also resulted in an excellent box office result. With $402 million worldwide, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 could earn about $100 million more than the first part.

Sonic 3 will be launched at the end of 2024

For the “pay” it has now been announced that Sonic will get a third cinema appearance. Noisy deadline The next adventure of the blue hedgehog starts on December 20, 2024. That had another blue “sacrifice” because the Smurfs gave way to Sonic 3, whose latest movie starts on February 14, 2025. In another case, all you can do is scratch your head and remember the Pixels debacle. Because how? Variety reported the intention is to implement the classic Pac-Man.

The whole should not be an animation production, but a real film adaptation. You can be “excited”. There aren’t too many details about it yet, but it’s feared that this will be just as “creative” as the science fiction version of Tetris, which is also in development. Because this film was supposed to be about the distant future and is described as follows: “Humanity has finally gained the ability to travel at the speed of light in block-shaped spaceships called tetroids.”

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