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The Microsoft Store Limited 2000 reviews Bug Fixed

The company has Fixed a bug that prevented the Microsoft Store from processing more than 2,000 ratings for an app or game. One less incongruity with the official Windows Store, which, however, is still not free from any defect.

You would think that an application store as important as the Microsoft Store, the preferred means of millions of users to download and install software and games on Windows PCs, would be spared gross errors. But in IT, developers are often stretched and no system or interface can be perfect. Rudy Huyn, the senior architect of the Microsoft Store, shared an anecdote about it on Twitter.

Did you notice that the Microsoft Store was can’t display more than 2000 reviews on an application or a video game? Well, it was, and a Minecraft with more than 500,000 ratings was nevertheless displayed with 2,000 by the Windows application store interface.

Minecraft is no longer stuck with 2000 ratings in the Microsoft Store

The problem has now been resolved and the counter shows the correct number of reviews on which the rating of a product or service is based. It doesn’t sound like much, but many users rely on the number of reviews to gauge whether an app is worth trying or to make sure it’s not a potential app.

However, the Microsoft Store remains a tool with room for improvement, which does not provide the quality of user experience we would expect from a platform so widely used on the most popular desktop operating system in the world. Interface, navigation, features, managing different versions of a game, interacting with the Xbox Game Pass.

We can only hope that future updates will improve all of this. Recently, the Microsoft Store changed the pricing display and added a new way to search for the different editions available for the same game. On Windows 11, the Microsoft Store also shows the updated version of an application.

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