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Sony Introduces new covers & controllers For PlayStation 5 in camouflage

Sony is hiding the PlayStation 5. At least that’s the marketing joke that the Japanese electronics manufacturer makes when presenting the new covers and controllers for the PS5 in camouflage or camouflage optics for marketing reasons.

Sony has announced the availability of new accessories for the PlayStation 5 in mid-October. These are new covers for the game console, a new controller design, and matching headphones, all of which have the “Gray Camouflage” design. The products, therefore, have a camouflage pattern with different shades of grey.

The covers can be used on both variants of the PlayStation 5, as is the case with the other variants of the interchangeable covers. If you want to complete the “collection” (quote Sony), you can also purchase the DualSense wireless controller and a Pulse 3D wireless headset with the same look.

In addition to the game console, the PS5 controller will soon be available in a new design. The design was developed to convey a new, “fresher, more contemporary” feeling, the group said. As a small detail, the well-known PlayStation symbols have been integrated into the camouflage pattern.

Sony plans to take pre-orders for the new Gray Camouflage Collection from September 15, 2022, but won’t start shipping worldwide until October 14. The availability should then be given in all markets in which the PS5 is sold. Depending on the country, however, the dates for availability may vary. However, this information only applies to direct sales via Sony.

Free trade will have to wait a little longer, because Sony’s partners will only sell the camouflage product range from October 28th. At least for the covers, Sony states that they only want to sell them via the PlayStation website. The pricing remains unchanged despite the special status of the new design.