Sony Jacks Up PlayStation Plus Prices

PlayStation players should expect a price increase for PS Plus Essential, Extra, and Premium 12-month subscriptions. Beginning September 6, prices for the annual plan will increase by nearly 27 percent. In the future, up to 152 euros per year will be due.

Price increase of up to 27 percent

The announcement of the new monthly games for September comes with a bitter aftertaste for PS4 and PS5 owners. Sony is implementing a price adjustment and increasing the cost of the annual packages of all PlayStation Plus memberships, which are required, among other things, for the online multiplayer of many games.

Previously, 59.99 euros, 99.99 euros, and 119.99 euros per year were due for the subscription levels Essential, Extra, and Premium. From September 6, 2023, this will increase to 71.99 euros and 125.99 euros annually and 151.99 euros. The price increase with the same scope of services is between 20 and 27 percent, depending on the tariff, and according to Sony help “continue to offer high-quality games and valuable benefits for our PlayStation Plus subscription.”

Short grace period for existing customers

If you already have an ongoing PlayStation Plus annual subscription, you don’t have to worry for the time being. The announced price increase will only be due from the next annual statement if this is carried out after November 6th. However, please note that all changes – e.g. upgrades, downgrades, or “additional times” – will be calculated according to the new prices from September 6th.

The prices for monthly PS Plus subscriptions, however, remain the same – 8.99 euros (Essential), 13.99 euros (Extra) and 16.99 euros (Premium). Despite price adjustments, annual subscriptions are still the cheapest option for using PlayStation Plus for 12 months, even if the price advantage is significantly smaller after the increase.

PlayStation Plus: New games in September 2023

As for the new “monthly games” that will become part of the inclusive offer for PS Plus members in September, Sony is adding the titles Saints Row (PS4 / PS5), Black Desert – Traveler Edition (PS4), and Generation Zero to the subscriptions.

The new games will be available for download from September 5th through October 2nd. Until September 4th, PlayStation players also have the opportunity to add the “free games” from the previous month (PGA Tour 2K23, Dreams and Death’s Door) to their library.

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