Sony PlayStation 5 Pro concept has just surfaced

Concept Creator, a well-known tech designer, has posted a new design on his YouTube channel. This time, a picture of the Sony PlayStation 5 Pro is being shown. This is a departure from the typical smartphone designs he creates.

Sony PlayStation 5 Pro concept has just surfaced

In any case, he uploaded a 2-minute YouTube video to share this design. Although it has a similar general design, it has been subtly modified to make it stand apart. The Blu-ray slot sits between the two halves and is not a part of either of the two shells; therefore, its sides are no longer curled on the front.

The device can still be utilized in either a vertical or horizontal arrangement, and the LED lights are still present. That’s pretty much it. Sincerity be damned, the actual PlayStation 5 Pro might look somewhat like this.

The only sensible course of action for Sony is to retain the design quite close to that of the PS5. It might even remain unchanged. Sony might only change the thickness rather than make any additional changes.

As some of you may be aware, the PlayStation 5 was first unveiled in November 2020. For a while, Sony struggled to supply enough units, but these days it’s not that hard to find one.

Sony announced the PlayStation Portal’ handheld

The ‘PlayStation Portal’ device was even recently unveiled by Sony. In essence, that is a gadget that enables online PlayStation game play. It will only function as a remote play device, mirroring the activities on your PlayStation 5 at home. The hard work will need to be done by your console.

As a result, this item has a $199 price tag, which many PS5 users would likely think is reasonable for anything of this nature. We can only hope that it will provide a lot better experience than remote play on third-party hardware has.

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