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Spotify is testing a redesigned UI for your profile section

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Spotify being one of the best music players hasn’t really saved it from being in that line of layoffs that happened during the last year. Almost 600 employees from the company have been laid off in this process. Even though this situation hasn’t effected the company much, it has continued to roll out the latest features to the platform. Recently, the company was able to introduce a new feature that was TikTok-esque and got multiple kinds of feedback from users. The company is currently planning to launch a redesigned user interface for the user profile section. It will result in the addition of a card layout for the whole page.

This feature was unveiled in a tweet posted by Chris Messina, who shared the update along with a screenshot. A user claimed that this feature would be available for some time. As per the information we can get via TechCrunch, this feature may be available to specific areas as this is currently under testing. Although the UI has been rolled out to many users already,

Updated profile UI

This updated profile page UI is really providing some amazing features. This latest UI is allowing users to blend their playlists and recommendations with those of other users. TechCrunch has reached out for a comment to one of the spokesmen from the company. In the result, he confirmed the feature but was unable to provide any details regarding it. Although the influence of this latest feature being available in the app is noticeable,

The screenshots show that users can now set a “vibe” state above their name, which has been moved to the upper right corner of the screen. In terms of functionality, it’s helpful that you can make a playlist right from your profile page and that you can click the “Explore more features” option to find local live events or like more songs for better song recommendations. Viewers of profiles will also be given a tonne more information about the person, such as whether they are Premium subscribers or not, information about their country, followers and following, and more.

The “see more cards” tab denotes the capability of adding additional cards to your profile view or adding future cards that Spotify will introduce. According to Messina, tapping the card displays phrases such as “currently generating additional material for you (coming soon) and “there’s nothing to view here yet.” The final page is a preview page that shows you how visitors will see your profile.

It’s unknown when the feature will be accessible worldwide, as is the case with any feature that hasn’t received enough testing. But, given the magnitude of the implemented modifications, it is unlikely to be one of those internally tested features that is dropped. Yet, Spotify would like to believe that the upgraded profile page design would receive a more positive response than the TikTok-inspired March update.

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