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Spotify might let you listen audiobooks for free

Since last year, audiobooks have been available on Spotify, and if you’re ready to pay, you can listen to them. But what if you only want to sample a few of the books available on the platform before opening your wallet? The Wall Street Journal reports (via The Verge) that Spotify may allow you to listen to audiobooks for free. There is a small catch, though.

Although Spotify doesn’t currently have the same selection of audiobooks that Amazon does, the company is still growing. You can utilize Spotify’s audiobooks even if you don’t have a premium subscription if you’re interested in doing so. Just enter “audiobook” into the search bar on the app or website. An audiobook should also be considered for the home screen.

Spotify might let users listen to audiobooks for free

The audiobook service offered by Spotify works exactly like other providers. Each audiobook you listen to will cost money. The cost will also vary depending on the book. The book you want to listen to will be kept in your library once you purchase it.

You can obtain several free books when you sign up for Audible, Amazon’s audiobook service. Although Spotify doesn’t offer such a benefit, it might have a means for users to enjoy some free listening. According to The Wall Street Journal, the business is developing a pilot program for a free audiobook trial.

People may be able to listen to up to 20 hours of audiobook content each month for free during this trial period. It sounds great and should be enough for two average-length novels per month. It sounds like you’ll have a 20-hour reservoir each month, and as you listen, that reservoir will be depleted.

Additionally, it appears that it won’t be related to any literature. Therefore, you might be able to read any book for as long as you like. If so, you will be able to read a variety of books before deciding whether to purchase them. As a result, you have more choices when trying to acquire a book. We don’t yet know a lot about this trial program, but as time goes on, more details will become available.

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