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SSL vs. TLS: What’s The Difference?

The terms SSL and TLS have become very common lately in tech news. Firms like Google typically use them to create awareness of the web security protocols while browsing Chrome. SSL and TLS are distinct protocols that encrypt data transmitted over the internet. These protocols come in handy for developers, cryptographers, and network security experts interested in establishing encrypted links between browsers and web servers.

Definition of Terms

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) – It’s a cryptographic protocol that offers security for communication on a computer network and is written in C Language. SSL safeguards the confidentiality and integrity of data using encryption.

TLS (Transport Layer Security) – It’s standard for securing online communication. It enables the server/client to communicate via a network without any loopholes that allow eavesdropping or interference of the information.

Why You Need an SSL or TLS Certificate

SSL/TLS certificates are critical in encrypting data shared between users and websites. It safeguards the user’s message from prying eyes. These certificates protect passwords, credit card numbers, and other sensitive information. Without these security protocols, any individual can intercept information between the server and web browsers. 

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Differences Between SSL and TSL

Message Authentication

Message authentication is the most notable difference between SSL and TLS. The SSL protects data from interference while on transmission by using MACs (Message Authentication Codes). On the other hand, TSL uses encryption to protect information.

Record Protocol

Record protocol refers to the way data in both SSL and TSL is transmitted through a secure channel. The Record Protocols of SSL and TSL differ slightly. For instance, one packet in TLS will carry one record, while one packet in SSL will carry multiple records. Furthermore, the TLS’s Record Protocol has features unavailable in SSL, such as padding options and compression.

Cipher Suites

Cipher suites are decryption and encryption algorithms. SSL only supports one cipher suite that has PFS and uses a 1024-bit RSA key. TSL supports multiple cipher suites such as Diffie-Hellman (DHE), which offers PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy) and is usable with any key length.

Alert Messages

SSL will use alert messages to inform the server or client whenever an error occurs during communication. Unfortunately, the TLS protocol doesn’t have this feature.

SSL vs TLS: Which One is Better?

When it comes to security protocols, TLS is the superior choice over SSL. TLS offers greater accuracy and reliability compared to SSL. Despite its impeccable performance, many people continue to rely on SSL. However, for better security, it’s important to transition from SSL to TLS certificates. This switch is necessary because these two security protocols use different algorithms and protocols, making it impossible for a server using one protocol to safely connect with a client using the other without significant configuration changes on both ends. By adopting TLS, you can enjoy stronger protection for your online activities.

Final Thoughts

TLS and SSL both serve the same purpose of protecting data transmitted over the internet. However, TLS is an upgraded version of SSL, which uses the cloud-first PKI strategy to minimize costs while enhancing security. On the other hand, SSL is best for ensuring authentication, data integrity, and privacy using encryptions.

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