Starlink’s Direct To Cell service will launch with texting next year

In 2022, we learned that SpaceX and T-Mobile partnered to directly beam data on smartphones from space satellites. Reportedly, the service will be introduced in 2024. The information suggests that it will have a slow deployment of features. By next year, it will offer texting support. Following this, in 2025, voice and data services, plus IoT functions, will be offered.

One thing to notice here is that the connection will be based on LTE. There is no information about the available bandwidth. According to SpaceX, the data service will have support for web browsing. Even simple messaging will be indispensable in emergencies. As compared to Apple’s offering, Starlink’s offering doesn’t require any exclusive hardware. Reportedly, the new satellites will operate similarly to a cell tower. In the beginning, the service will be supported on all text message apps. By the time the data service rolls out, the feature will offer support for other apps like WhatsApp, Skype, and even iMessage.

Several deals have been signed by Starlink across the globe. Notably, the company signed a deal with Rogers in Canada, One NZ in New Zealand, Salt in Switzerland, Optus in Australia, KDDI in Japan, and T-Mobile in the USA. it is expected that more companies will join the list as soon as the service becomes fully operational.

If you want Internet in the middle of the ocean, you must sign up for Starlink’s maritime service because Starlink only seeks to serve land, lakes, and coastal seas. On land, this will close coverage gaps for the carriers without requiring them to expand their infrastructure. Currently, there is no information on how much roaming will be available with the service since every country has its own rules regarding wireless frequencies. For this reason, the company is collaborating with some other carrier companies.

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