Steam Statistics Shows The Most Popular Hardware And Software Among Gamers

Steam’s hardware and software statistics speak for themselves. Intel, Nvidia, and Microsoft were also ahead in July 2023. Windows 11 is also becoming increasingly popular among gamers and Linux is making a comeback thanks to the Steam Deck.

Windows 11 and Linux on the rise

The updated Steam hardware and software survey for July 2023 reveals, among other things, a further expansion of the Windows 11 market share among gamers. Just scratching the 20 percent mark a year ago, 36.67 percent of Steam users are now using Microsoft’s latest operating system. Windows 10, on the other hand, is further ahead with 57.87 percent but has to lose more than one percent every month.

And even if the Windows share is over 96 percent overall, an interesting battle is being fought in the niche. In July, Linux outperformed Apple MacOS for the first time with 1.96 percent of gamers(1.84 percent). This is due to the growing popularity of the Steam Deck handheld. Overall, the SteamOS Holo is responsible for about 42 percent of the Linux share.

Rising Trend toward more RAM and high resolution

After the upswing of the last few years, the market shares of AMD Ryzen processors are stagnating. Intel is ahead with 66.1 percent, and AMD is behind with 33.9 percent. Four and six cores are the most popular – i.e. quad and hexa core. A similar picture emerges in the area of ​​graphics cards. Nvidia is the undisputed number one with 74.69 percent, followed by AMD (15.93 percent) and Intel (9.02 percent).

About half of all Steam users use 16GB of RAM, with 24GB, 32GB, and 64GB RAM capacities becoming increasingly popular. The same applies to the display resolution. Although more than 61 percent still use the classic Full HD format (1920 x 1080 pixels), within 15 months this has dropped by around 8 percentage points to the QHD or 4K format with 2560 x 1440 pixels or 3840 x 2160 pixels “lost”.

Finally, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 is at the top of the most used graphics cards by Steam gamers, closely followed by the RTX 3060 and the GTX 1060. The first Nvidia GPUs of the current generation follow with the RTX 4060 (laptop) in 26th place with one Share of 0.90 percent and with the RTX 4070 Ti in 35th place with 0.66 percent.

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