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How Successful Remote Workers Increase Their Productivity?

Successful Remote Workers - Increase Productivity

Would you like to learn how successful remote workers increase their productivity?

Working from home no doubt is a dream of many. No need to travel. No one to look at your screens. But the biggest obstacle for remote workers is staying productive. You set your alarm to get up early and stay sharp. But your kids might won’t let you attempt one single task.

While it’s very easy to start working from home since the provision of remote job providers like Upwork. These networks still can’t push you to set high goals and remain productive all through the way.

To help you overcome this hurdle, we’ve created a small list of tips and tricks to keep your nose to the grindstone. We call this list ‘Productivity Tricks for Successful Remote Workers’.

Separating Your Workspace

Working from home is often working not at all. You might want to stay closer to your infants. But this bond could drain most of your productive time and energy.

To stay ahead, the first thing you need to do is to find yourself a separate workspace. To help you select the best suitable workplace, try to cater as many as you can from the list below:

  • Book a separate room. Shut the door and keep your work on one side of the door and family (and other distractions) at the other side.
  • The room or space you opt as your home office should be far away from any noise.
  • This home office space should be large enough to accommodate all your stuff. You don’t want to step away from your workstation to grab a file. Everything should be within your reach.
  • If you’ve incoming clients, this workspace should be close to the main entrance.
  • Remote jobs aren’t necessarily only for creative writers or web designers. You might be a painter selling your work on your online store or could be engineering your own stream of blenders. To avoid any mess and noise, it’s better to operate from your own home garage.

In selecting the perfect workspace, this was your first step. Now, to the second step.

The second step is a list of options you’d avail based on the list mentioned above:

Corner Space

This is by far the least recommended workspace. But if you don’t have a spare room, you’d still start your home business from a corner in your house.

The disadvantages of a corner over a room are obvious. Noise, distractions due to family members walking through, and not having enough space to set all the required things to run your work smoothly.

Dining Room

This space is definitely a better option than a corner in the house.

Your dining room could be least crowded part of your home. And the dining table could even save you some bucks of buying a table and a chair.

The disadvantages still remain with this working space. Usually, a dining room doesn’t have a door. This means that anyone could walk in anytime, distracting you.


If you don’t have any room to make it your home office, your bedroom could at least work as a daytime office. A small workstation is all you need and the door shut behind.

The biggest distraction here is your ’bed’. You might want to convert your bed in your workstation, which soon could distract you from working and put you to sleep.


If you have a closed garage, this could be one of the best options for your home office. While you might not be able to occupy the whole area, your garage could give you enough space to make to look like a sophisticated workspace.


Besides the laundry, your basement is yet another better option. It would have a separate entrance allowing your clients (or perhaps colleagues) to come in without any trouble.

An Outside Room

A friend of mine had an annex back at the prime structure. Although he didn’t use it as a workspace, this annex was his best space to start his home business.

If you have one such space, you don’t have to give it a second thought.

While it isn’t possible for everyone to find a separate room, you’d still have a corner with least distractions and try to be as productive as you could.

Tips for Successful Freelancers

Sitting Posture

While this might sound the least valuable thing to add productivity, your posture really can create a big difference. When I started my first remote job as a freelancer, I didn’t use any workstation but my cozy little bed. And I faced the problems as mentioned above (Bedroom as workspace). And a much bigger issue; back pain.

To understand better, watch the video clip below (1.3mins).

For more details, you can read this study from the Institute of Work and Health.

After watching the clip and reading the study above, you might be wondering if you need to buy an expensive ergonomic chair. Let me tell you, “You don’t”.

The clip has already done half of the job.

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Sit Under Light

Your workspace also need to cater proper lighting arrangements (add this to your trick# 1)

A study done in the 1980s showed how a $50,000 renovation investment on natural lighting resulted in a revenue addition of $500,000.

Natural light provides a key to increased productivity. Even when your basement has powerful sources of electric lights, your productivity won’t match that from installing windows.

If you don’t want to read that study, you’d still assume the power of daylight from your own real life example. ‘Day is to work. Night to rest.’ How simplified could it get?

In addition, imagine an increase in your electric bill if you’re using bulbs and energy savers during the day!

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Go Green

Have you ever been so distressed that you want to leave everything behind and go into the wild? Nature has itself some powerful sources and resources which are good enough for anyone to relieve you from sadness and distress in moments.

Today, stress is one of the major issues we take with us all the time. We are too much surrounded with impurities. We are forgetting how real life was. In order to become richer fast, we have stopped going close to nature. And even when we’re on vacations we don’t stop using technologies which have been one of the key sources of our stress.

To simplify this; try to cater nature with your workspace. Daylight is one of the things. The other you’d do is a window facing your green lawn. And if you’re living in the mountains, a window facing the green peaks and trees would definitely help you in increasing your productivity.

And if you can’t have any of the above, you could at least add some green (natural) plants around your workstation.

To add more essence, a large-sized poster of mountains, trees, and green lands could also add value to your productivity.

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Keep Tidy

Working from home doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take shower or change your pajamas. Make a habit of changing your night dress and start fresh.

After your own self next comes your working area. Before sitting on your desk, clean the area if surrounded by some unwanted mess. And lastly, comes your desk.

Once settled down, you probably won’t be stepping away from your workstation soon. So it’s vital that everything you need is in order. And this can only be done if you have organized everything.

One of the major issues with cleanliness comes when you eat and drink at your workstation and then don’t get rid of the dirty dishes or the small pieces of food. This might distract you and you even won’t understand it.

Besides this, a clean place is also good for your health. If your environment isn’t clean, you won’t be. And when you aren’t, chances are that you’d get a fever (if I’m not exaggerating).

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Successful Remote Workers Start Your Productive Journey

We’ve listed 5 tricks to stay productive while working from home. And this list doesn’t end here. You even would have some great ideas to tell. Do share them with us and start your productive journey.

P.S. Everything listed above and beyond won’t happen in one go. This could take time. In the meanwhile, you’d focus on your remote job and take every measure to build an environment which could make you more productive, step-by-step.

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