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Summer Internships: Make way to your major telecos


Jazz, Telenor and Zong are putting forth internship programs for college undergrads and graduates alike. Undergraduates can apply for these internships, particularly since exam season is practically over. Hello, summer break! These entry level position programs exhibit the ideal chance to win significant work understanding, and even get perpetual occupation offers from talent hunting managers.

Here is a little breakdown on which telecos are offering internships this summer and how you can apply for them:

Intern at Jazz

Human Resource and Talent Acquisition executives from Jazz are openly going to college grounds over the city communities including LUMS, IBA, IMS, FAST , GIKI,NUST, ISE and so on. They will direct coordinated meetings on college campuses and universities.

They haven’t declared an ending date or other elements for their temporary position program yet. Points of interest will be accessible once they complete with the college interviews.

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Intern at Telenor

Telenor offers a 6 week temporary job program, that begins from May to September, consistently. Amid their time at the working at the organization, all internees additionally get a stipend, with telenor credit and portable PCs. Not at all like Zong’s program, Telenor employs undergrads before they graduate too. Candidates ought to have finished no less than 6 semesters of their bachelor’s program or 2 semesters from their Master’s program to be viewed as qualified for this program.

Telenor hasn’t authoritatively declared the program yet. Be that as it may, you can apply for the program here.

Intern at Zong

Zong — notwithstanding regular internships — offers premium “Graduate Training Program”, that accompanies specific hiring with appropriate salary.

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Point to be notes for anyone reading is that no company can keep you as an internee for more than 6 weeks. If the internship exceeds 6 week then your employer is liable by law to either hire you or pay you for your services after the 6 week period.

Image via UCSC Career Center

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